Thursday, March 2, 2017

Build Guide: Modrons

I like Modrons, and I am glad they came back for 5th edition:
 These goofy clownlike relentless alien creatures of law and clockwork make for interesting encounters:

These builds are all based on their appearance in the 5th edition Monster Manual, but with one change. I do not have any appropriate Lego face tiles (Nixels do not have the right tone, but some of the new kryptomite faces might work), so I emphasized their goofiness by using ski pieces to give them clown feet.


This is a simple build focusing on the circular body and wings. With my emphasis on the feet, I made it a monopod to match the theme.


 Another simple build, start with a 2x3 plate and add the limbs and eyes:


These are very similar to my Xorn build. Make three segments with clips, and roll them up:




Returning to a cube shape makes for another easy build:


This is another clip-and-roll build, but with the addition of a dome on top.


The dome is not connected to the rest of the build, but the axle just fits in the hole in the middle, and a gear on the bottom holds it in place:

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