Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Build Guide: Xorn

Most monsters are pretty easy to represent using Lego bricks. Either you can modify a minifig, or it is something like a dragon that Lego already has a set with instructions for. But some things in the D&D world are a bit more difficult to represent, especially if you need them to be on minifig scale, which means they need to fit in one square on the dungeon tiles.

Xorn, for example, are human-sized things with trilateral symmetry, which caused some difficulty, but I eventually figured out how to make minifig-scale Lego Xorn:

Step 1:
Start with the studs down, making what will be the outside details of the eye and torso:
Step 2:
Flip this over, and add the hook and the leg.
Step 3:
Add the teeth, and slope plates.
Step 4:
Repeat steps 1 through 3 twice more, making three identical segments, and then hook them together in a row:
Step 5:
Roll it up and connect.
Step 6:
Stand it up and add the arms.


  1. I've tried making xorn in the past, but their three-sidedness foiled me. These are excellent!

  2. I started running a Star Wars game (the old D6 version) for my kids and this blog has been super helpful. I'd love more tips on building monsters and creatures like this one which can easily be worked into the SW setting. But huge props to you on this blog, it's an excellent resource.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I am glad this helps. I'll dig around for some more monster pictures to post here.

      Tim Emrick is really good at monster microbuilds, and his Studded Plate blog is currently running regular features on making monsters. While it is D&D focused, it is a great source of inspiration for the critters you might run into in a Star Wars dive bar or sewer system: