Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Game Pictures

Here are some pictures from games I have run, with descriptions of the action:

Helmed Horrors guarding a tomb:

The party is fighting a large mutant dire wolf. The yellow disks represent faerie fire. We are using Monster Disassembly rules, tracking different body parts, which means separate saving throws for each body part. In this case, the right back leg and head are lit up, meaning that attacks to those parts have advantage:
 The party has used called shots to hack off the wolf's leg and both of its fangs, and then the monk has climbed on its back and killed it with a drop-kick to the neck:

The party knew that the guardians of this magic lab were relatively weak, but were ordered to smash up anything valuable if they knew they would lose the fight. The party was not at risk, but their loot was. The yellow bricks are a Wall of Stone that the wizard put up to contain the guards while the party took the most fragile things to safety:

Fighting a horde of bugs in a cavern dripping with slime:

Fighting a massive serpent in an abandoned dwarf mine, using the mining equipment and chains to damage and tie it down:

Saving a town from giant snails:

Taking down a colossal undead woolly mammoth raised and piloted by an orc shaman. Some party members had to climb inside the thing and fight through its crew of aberrations to destroy the power core:

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  1. When you originally posted this, I didn't notice the amphorae, which are quite nice. I'll have to steal that build whenever I get back to working on my Hyperborean House project.