Monday, November 2, 2015

Update and Links

I started this blog because I wanted to create a useful reference guide for using Lego bricks to run fantasy RPGs, and connect with other people doing the same thing. After I had written down the basic guides, I got bored in the absence of feedback and stopped. But then I found the Lego Dungeons and Dragons Facebook group. It is a great community, and it inspired me to start posting again. I will mainly be posting in that group, and using this blog to write longer posts that I may want to link to later.

One of the people in that group has a blog much like this one: Studded Plate. Somehow I did not find it when I searched for Lego RPG blogs before starting this site.

Here are some other blog posts that give useful tips and/or pictures for using Lego bricks in RPGs:

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