Friday, November 13, 2015

Lego Spelljammer Nautiloid

I typically make minifig-scale creatures, or simple practical props for my games. But sometimes I enjoy a more complex build. Recently I challenged myself to make a Lego version of the Illithid Nautiloid from Spelljammer:

I modified it a bit. I wanted mine to look less like a wooden ship built to resemble a nautilus, and more like a living giant nautilus, grown and twisted by powerful magic, with a ship grafted into it:

It is not built to minifig scale, but it can still be used in a game, either with spaceship combat rules, or simply as a visual aid. Here a party of PCs is hiding behind space rocks spying on a tense standoff between illithid and elf ships near the floating skull of a dead god:

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  1. Someone, called Christopher, posted a link to this on Jennell Jaquays's Faceborg page (where she had uploded a copy of the Nautiloid picture called "Last Descent"):

    I'm going to tell the Spelljammer fans at The Piazza about this.

    I think it's great!