Thursday, July 30, 2020

Magic Town

It all started with a Corner Deli set that I got as a present:

I liked the architectural styling, and I had a lot of door and window pieces I needed to get rid of, so I started making more. First I made a palette-swapped copy:

Then I started using up all of my spare doors and windows to make more buildings with the same height and approximate roof styling, adding fantasy and magical decor.

Finally, I used the ancient tiny doors and windows from the 70s, and a lot of wacky printed pieces (I think that chicken came from a happy meal), to make a gnome building:

I am really happy about how this turned out. It may not be suitable for a traditional fantasy game, but it is perfect for the homebrew Spelljammer/ Planescape/ Eberron mashup that my games are set in. It made a good setting for an epic battle about a town being attacked:

In addition to being a good game backdrop, it is the most display-worthy things I've built. It is colorful and well-styled, reminding people of a brownstone neighborhood.

I especially like how it came almost entirely from 'junk' parts that accumulated from bulk lots: Town doors and windows and printed awning slopes, odd printed tiles, and primary-colored bricks. Throw them all together, and you get something that looks like a magitech Diagon Alley.

It was also easy to build. Planning out a creation requires thought and effort. But copying and extending a simple build that you recently made from a kit is much easier. If you build a simple two-story ten-stud-wide house/storefront facade every few nights, pretty soon you have a thriving village.

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